Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stuck on You

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For some reason I knew that I wanted to use this title for this post, yet now I can't get the cheesy Lionel Richie lyrics out of my head. I apologize in advance if seeing this post invokes those same memories for you.

I realize I talk a lot about my kids on this blog but you need to realize that outside of my job and the once in a blue moon that I actually sit down to write kids and the hubbie are pretty much what I've got going on. That said, so I was sitting here the other day watching my son decorate himself. Have you ever seen a little kid get sticker happy like this? Well it made me laugh anyway. These were itty bitty little happy face stickers and my son must have stuck, oh...maybe two or three dozen of them to himself. And he was SOOO happy about it. And then I thought, you know, that never really goes away, does it? I still love stickers. Okay, so maybe mine don't have Dora or Spiderman all over them but I love them just the same. I mean, a cute sticker in the right spot can really help give your party a sort of well-thought-out, finished look. So maybe that's the appeal for me but I love the designs by Stuck Labels. They are simple, modern and versatile. Plus the site features very user friendly printing instructions and both word and pdf templates so you can customize them. And although slightly pricer than the bought at Staples variety, they are well worth the price. So quick, go find something to stick them to and order some today!

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