Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A great forking idea

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I am so pleased to see A back on the blogging front as I am still super busy!!! I have a bridal shower this weekend and then I will have a ton more free time. I have a zillion posts planned to recap the rock star party and those are taking FOREVER! But I saw these great fork candle holders by, who else but Fred and Friends over on Droolicious and had to share. You may think, Gee S, can't you come up with an original post instead of stealing all of their great finds. Well, you see friend, I am still up in the middle of the night sometimes, and read them religiously. And they just always have the greatest stuff!! So, bear with me. I'll get back to being original shortly. Anyway, the candle holders really do work as forks as well, killing two birds with one stone and are dishwasher safe. Love that. The candles/forks are available at Amazon for $6.00 for 12. I think these may help keep errant spit off the cake from the candle blow out...at least I would like to believe that...

And I just want to take a moment to publicly thank T (remember our sometime contributor?) for an amazing birthday present. She treated me to a weekend - no kids, no husbands - at the St. Regis! We had two nights of total, not keeping one ear open sleep, shopping, lots of fattening treats, too much wine and my husband surprised us with 90 minute massages. AND we saw Warren G (we stopped just short of serenading him with Regulate - I have the Nate Dogg part down and really think it could have led to a collaboration...I'm just saying) at the mall so it was a pretty eventful weekend. It also pushed me farther behind in my posting. And guess what, it was totally worth it.


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