Monday, April 20, 2009

Totally Personal Invites

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I cannot believe that spring break is already over! This was my first "spring break" experience with my baby in kindergarten...quite a different experience from the ones I had in college but nevertheless, fun. We even got to see S and family which is something we haven't been able to do much since they moved out of the OC and all. AND, my little girl totally grew up over the break.

So first, there's the whole losing teeth thing. (Funny story about that, she actually ASKED me to pull out her first two loose teeth. I mean, they were way over due to come out anyway, but really - have you ever had the pleasure of this experience? I can honestly say this is one milestone that as a mom I didn't necessarily want to be totally involved in every detail of...I would have been totally content with a "Mommy, look, I lost it!", but no...I get a "Mommy, pull it out so it doesn't come out in my sleep and choke me until I die (ok, so yes, she's a little bit of a drama queen, but still).....)

Ok, so anyway, first there's the teeth and then she suddenly decides that she no longer needs me at bedtime (consequently, I am not necessarily too bummed about this). See, apparently her 3 year old cousin O, who she shared a bedroom with during our stay with S and family, doesn't need someone to lay with him every night. So therefore, neither does she. OH...AND...she has decided that she is giving up Hannah Montana as her favorite recording artist in favor of Taylor Swift. This is so weird for me.

Thankfully, I still have my two year old to give me my baby fix for the moment and so I can still feel ok about the one million parenting magazines that I seem to have subscribed to. And actually, that's where I actually found today's post - in the new issue of Parents magazine, which also happens to be chock full of party tidbits. These invitations from were featured in a little blurb and I fell in love. Basically, they take a photo of your guest of honor and turn them into an adorable little cartoon character featured on your party's invitations. Super cute and totally appropriate for any age - six, sixteen, or even my six year old who THINKS she's sixteen. The invites are about $2 each, not ridiculously expensive, and the designs are really cute, plus its something that hasn't been done a million times before. Oh, and what - you aren't in the middle of planning a party? Poseprints also do custom stationery which make great gifts - maybe Mom needs some for Mother's Day????


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