Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah Easter!!!

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So, my 3 month old has pink eye. We don't leave the house so I am not sure where it came from. And guess what folks? Today my eye is very irritated and I feel like tomorrow morning I will try to open my eye and will find a goopy mess. (sorry about the visual). Of course, this is all perfect timing since A's party for her son (my nephew) is this Saturday. I really hope O doesn't get the eye or else some/all of us won't be able to go. So that is adding a little stress to my life. What else is adding stress? The fact that in two weeks, I will be having house guests, O's super sweet 3 birthday party extravaganza, a small cupcake decorating party for my out of town niece and Easter (oh, did I mention that Easter also happens to be my birthday?). And I am planning all of these things (well except for anything for my birthday because quite frankly, I just don't have the energy!!!). So here is where I will now be a hypocrite and post about a holiday. I believe it was just last week when I told you that I would not do this. But this is too cool to pass up. For O's party, I am going all out (with some design help from A) and making all my own signs, stickers, labels etc., but for my nieces party, I knew I couldn't put too much time into it. But I still want it to be super special and cute. So via decor8, I found Happy Papers. I purchased the Little Red party decor sets (2 sets at $5.00 each - check back after Easter to see photos of both O's party and also the Little Red party) but saw that they also had some Easter decorations too!!!! Would I usually decorate for Easter? No. Do I feel like I have to now because I will have 2 extra little kids in my house that shouldn't have the fun of Easter robbed from them just because they are staying with me? Yes. Thank goodness for the Easter sets!!!!!! Amazing!!! And Happy Papers even has a special deal, purchase 3 download sets, which are usually $5 each for $10 total. And then since, it's not like I have enough parties to plan, I am also co-hosting a bridal shower as well as a bachelorette party. For the bridal shower, I am using the Damask Table for Two downloadable table scape from Paper and Cake. It is going to be so easy to through together (since the party is just two weeks after the party weekend from hell). And they also have an Easter download. So cute!!!! These downloads are also $5 each and couldn't be easier. For all the downloads, both companies are on Etsy, you pay, get the files via email and print and construct (which let me tell you, I am not crafty and these are easy to use and look amazing!). Check out all of the other great party scapes and stationery options. Not sure about customizing the Happy Papers sets (I imagine they would be willing), but I know that Paper and Cake will for sure work with you to meet your needs (at very reasonable prices). Partyscape downloads are my new favorite things and I will be using them for everything!!!!!!! There are a few other Etsy sellers with downloads but that will have to be for another post. I have to go shut my eye.


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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Those are so cute. I can't wait to see pics from the parties!

...Now, go get some eyedrops!; )


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