Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are you puzzled?

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Let the excuses begin. Okay, so the 3rd birthday party of the century is just a few weeks away (as is Easter and my niece's party) so I am in desperate need of time to get stuff done. I am in the process of designing all the signs, there are still lists to be made and recipes to pull. So, I will post today and Thursday, but I am taking Friday off. And today's post will be short and sweet. Check out these cool design your own puzzles I found on Droolicious. The Create-A-Puzzle Kits are made of a durable card board that will hold just about any kind of paint or marker your kids may have. They are sold in packs of 12 for just $5.59 from Dick Blick. Two types are available, one for kids under 7 years of age with 9 pieces and one for those over 7 years of age with 16 pieces. They stay together until you break them apart the first time. These would be super cute as a party invitation (if you are having a fairly small party and your kid has enough patience to write out all the info several times) or a great activity/favor. Of course these would be great for any and all children's party but what a cute way to invite the ladies over for a cooking party? You can send out the puzzles with the evenings recipe on it. Or, make it part of a murder mystery party or ice breaker and send out one piece with each invitation and ask the guests to bring them along to the party. Everyone is a kid at heart when a puzzle is involved!


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kayla b said...

I've used these before with my kiddies. We did handprints on them for the first day of school and sent home a super cute poem that goes with it so they can sit down and put it together with mom and dad and tell them all about their first day of Kindergarten!


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