Tuesday, February 10, 2009

yeah, um, Valentine's Day...

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So after reading A's V Day post, it prompted me to post about the impending holiday as well.  But after a night of little sleep, a pestering toddler (mommy, is it snack time yet?  (pause) how about now?) and a crying infant, the post just wasn't working out.  So, sorry this is up so late today, but at least I am posting (during lunch with aforementioned pestering toddler, "mommy, what are you doing?  checking email?  who are you writing too?).

I love the Food Network and have recently been really excited when I come across the show Ask Aida with chef Aida Mollenkamp.  I love that she answers questions that pertain to recipes or ingredients that are in the recipe that she is working on.  And her answers are simple and easy to understand.  And unlike Emeril, she seems to make recipes that do not have weird or tons of ingredients that you can't find easily.  So then I learned that she is/was? Food Editor for Chow.com.  I LOVE Chow.com!  So I thought I would check out what they have for Valentine's Day.  It is a party for two, which they have titled "Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed, make ahead so you can make out).  I love that title.  The menu includes a Valentini, which is a take on a champagne cocktail, French Toast Casserole and a Honey Ginger Pear Trifle. Um, yum.  And while neither my husband or I will likely get breakfast in bed, I think I may put this spread together for us anyway.  The rest of the website is a great resource for planning parties or dinner menus.  I may have mentioned it before, but I can't remember.  Do you realize that the blog has been up for almost a year now!!! That is a lot of posts! Thanks for sticking around!

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