Monday, February 9, 2009

A SUPER Easy Valentine's Treat

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I bet you thought I forgot about posting today, huh? Actually, I didn't...but I DID take a much deserved mental health day today so posting sort of got moved to the bottom of my to do list, along with everything else. Remember, we live in South Cali where we never really have weather and it has actually been raining here for the last few days and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take the kids up to actually see it snow (we're about an hour and a half away from lots of it). So anyway, we packed up the crew and drove up. Except the roads were a mess and we didn't make it too far up the mountain. I probably should have thought about that before we left. We did manage to find a turnout though with lots of fresh snow and the kids made their snow angels and snow men and had a great time.
On the way home I took some time to check out my favorite blogs and of course, had to stop by my absolute favorite, Bakerella. We haven't done too much posting on Valentine's Day. I guess that's probably a mental block on my part. I know some of you probably love it and are waiting for our creative and oh-so-special Vday posts but truth be told, its just not one of those days I get crazy about. That aside, I do try to do a few special, not so labor intensive things to make the day fun for the kids (and yes, my hubbie and I do manager to squeeze in a few moments in too). I really liked this idea from Bakerella as a fun, easy sweet for the day. They are purchased Oreo Cakesters just cut out with a cookie cutter! How easy is that! And if you are a little more crafty and up for a challenge, she's got a great recipe on her site to make festive little red velvet sandwich cookies to go alongside them. That might be the extent of my Valentine's day posting unless I come up with some super cute and creative addition in the next few days...stay tuned!

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