Thursday, February 19, 2009

How have we not seen these yet!?!

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As we have mentioned several times, we have big plans for this blog. So far, we have mostly brought you other people's products and ideas. And this of course has always been a main goal for us. To bring all that is good, together, in one easy to search place. But we are super creative also. I have unique and exciting party themes coming out of my ears. But to put a great inspiration board together takes time. Time, being something that A and I don't have a lot of. But I wanted to let you know that I have actively started putting my first two party themes together. Yeah!!!! And it was in doing some research on the Internet that I came across this website. How have we not seen Cupcake Wrapture yet? I saw their banner on Cupcakes Take the Cake and clicked over immediately to check them out. These cupcake wrappers are purely decorative (which I love, things don't always have to be practical) and can not be baked in. Think of them as a jacket for your cupcake. They have taken a really simple idea by using craft and scrapbooking papers and creating jazzed up decor for your cupcakes. And they do it really well! I can tell you that I could not put out the professional looking results that they display on their website. They start at $5.00 for a dozen and you can find solid colors and various patterns on their site (how cute is the camo one!). I love this idea!!!! It's another easy way to add a special touch to your party. For sure, your guests will be asking about them. Check them out!

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

These are adorable! Great find. And, I look forward to seeing your new ideas also!


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