Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great products and ideas, in one place

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I just love when you come across a company that is great to work with. That company for me is ThinkGarnish.com. I just love them. From getting answers about products to order processing, this company is the best. I have received the best customer service from them and think that everyone should order from them. Even if you don't really need anything. They are so friendly and you get such a good feeling knowing that they deserve their success and work very hard for it. I have only gotten to order once from them (you may remember I mentioned them in the post for T's baby shower). So you should for sure check out their products, but what you may not know is that they also have a blog. Their blog gives ideas for how to use their products and a lot of the ideas come from the very talented and creative people that have ordered the products. It is totally inspiring and I will for sure be using some of them for future parties. Check it out today! And don't miss their idea for Easter. So cute!



Garnish said...

Folks here at Garnish are blushing! You are so kind and generous with your words in this post. Cupcakes & Cutlery is a constant source of inspiration for Garnish. You are a talented crew!!

And by the way...great minds think alike. I just purchased some Orla Kiely at Target yesterday and am loving it!

hmaynard said...

Love these - thanks for the link. And LOVE your blog...I'm adding it to my list of must reads.


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