Monday, February 16, 2009

Orla Kiely for Target

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Rain, rain, go away....

Ugh. I want to go back to bed. How come when I have the day off the weather has to suck? The worst part of a rainy day is that I hate driving in the rain which puts getting my errands done totally out of the question. And that leaves me only with cleaning my bathrooms and doing laundry all day (and I mean all day since its probably been two weeks since I've done laundry.)

Anyway, back to business. I've been waiting a few weeks for this post because this made me so excited. Awhile back I had a business venture on my mind that involved lots and lots of fabrics and textiles (that one lasted until I realized that I don't sew). Anyway, through the course of researching textiles and designers, I fell in love with Orla Kiely . She has a knack for creating a retro feel while still keeping things modern and fresh. The other day I was walking through my favorite spot (Target) and I ran across her new line of housewares. I wanted to save the post for today though because, though you might have seen pieces of the line creeping their way into your favorite Target, the official launch was not until this weekend. You might consider working a color scheme around some of her pieces. Just one or two would make a bold statement. I love this serving tray, for example. The line is pretty inexpensive and it would be totally worth splurging on a few pieces. Keep in mind that the pieces are pretty versatile. You can use the melamine plates for a luncheon or use them to serve appetizers on. Use the canisters as canisters or consider using one for a vase in your tablescape. Check out the whole line here at And have fun!


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Angie said...

Those are pretty fun dishes!


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