Friday, February 20, 2009

Bestow my beating heart

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I quit my job back in September and I thought I would have more time for Internet research for this blog. But actually, I got a lot more done when I was working (shhhhh, don't tell). But now with the new baby here, I am finally starting to see a pattern for me to work in some computer time (that won't have the added suspense of potential spit up in the keyboard). It is on quiet mornings like these that I check out the old stand-bys, the daily reads that never disappoint. But alas, what's this?!!! Something new!!!! As I was checking in on Party Perfect Blog, there was a picture of a heart. I have to be honest, I wasn't really drawn to the item, but in a quest to find the best of the best, I decided to click on the link under the photo. Boom. There it is. A new favorite blog and a total resource for all of us party planners. D. Sharp "A Practical Compendium of Random Things." It is the kind of blog that you could spend days looking at. There are beautiful vintage finds to tickle your fancy, new graphic designers to check out and so many other things to make your eyes happy. The part I think you all will really be interested is a section called "Bestow - Ideas for Gifts and Packaging" and it is all gorgeous! And a lot of it can be figured in to your party decor. You have to check it out. There is a download available for the XOXO wine hangers. We LOVE that. And if you are like me, who strives to be crafty but just can't make things look as beautiful as they are supposed to, there is a shop of "fine paper luxuries" (totally amazing, beautiful, stunning...with prices to match :() and also an etsy shop. And the part I love the most, she is a mom (plus so many other things like the rest of us). And she sees all this beauty and humor in the world and wants to share it with the rest of us. (Her Dispatches from Parenthood section is pretty great!!!) So check out the site! And let us know if you work any of the Bestow ideas into your parties.


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