Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do me a favor, chew on this...

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Favors. Most parties have them. I am always on the fence about them. I usually think that doing a treat that can be eaten is the way to go because they are often inexpensive and if someone doesn't like it they can just throw it out. A little trinket leaves the person feeling guilty for wanting to throw it out and not displaying it proudly on a shelf in their home with their most valued possessions. I also like the custom cd angle although my musical tastes are pretty different from other people's. I still like it though because if someone is open to learning about new artists this is a great way to do that. I like the idea of giving an inexpensive book for a child's party, but if your house is like mine, it already could be mistaken for a library...so, what is a good option to give as a favor? I just came across a little snippet on a new gum. And while this may not work for a child's party, it would work for any bridal or baby showers, older kids or adults parties, weddings, anniversary parties and just about anything else that requires a favor. The gum made by Project 7 is all natural and every time you buy a pack, half the money goes to a non-profit organizations that support one of seven critical issues: healing the sick, saving the earth, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, helping those in need, building the future, hoping for peace. The packaging is 40 % recycled and comes in 3 flavors: Mango Mint, Fresh Mint and Peppermint Vanilla. The gum can be purchased in packs of 12 directly from the Project 7 website or individually at Whole Foods Markets (priced from $1.39 per pack). I can't think of a better favor that not only would treat the party guest but also help the world at the same time.



hmaynard said...

I tend to like giving donations in lieu of favors, but this is the best of both worlds - thanks for sharing!


abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

just found your blog today... love it! thanks for all the super inspiring cupcake (and more) news :)


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