Thursday, February 26, 2009

Party sets to make your party life easier

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I can be really indecisive about certain things. So I love it when I see something and it helps me make an immediate decision. Such was the case when I saw the Party Sets from Demby and Solomon Fine Printed Goods. Even though we said we weren't going to have another big birthday party for my son until he turns five, we decided a party would be a good way to meet people in our new area. Little did I know that it was going to turn in to a Super Sweet Three (to rival the rap star's kids parties on MTV). My son loves to play with his toy guitars so when I saw the Rockstar party set, I thought, PERFECT! I thought I would buy this kit and it would be a really easy theme to carry out without taking too much time. But then I told the theme to my husband. Yikes! His first reaction was not, "ok, but let's not get carried away" like I thought it would be. No. It was, "I'll build a stage." Uh oh. My plans to use the adorable invitations has also since changed. No longer is it good enough for my husband to send out a nice little invitation. We have upped the ante and will be sending out a video invitation (we are somewhat known for videos, so it kind of makes sense, see here {quick side note: every year we do a themed xmas card and a few years ago we did one as a family band and recorded a song and this was the video to go with the song}and here {youtube took our music off due to copyrighting, whatever, but it was soooo much better with it. It was to a Flaming Lips song and just really made the video}) So what would have been an easy party using the party kits, has no grown in scope and stress (and of course I will post the final pics after the party so stay tuned). But back to the party sets. The graphics are modern, with a touch of whimsy, and are available for all kinds of events. Some are done in a girl or boy version (like the rockstar theme) while most are unisex (like backyard barbecue and bon appetit). I think you will all love these!!! The sets are totally coordinating so if you are like A and I, you know that everything will match and provide a cohesive look for your party (including options for matching postage stamps!). Most sets include an invitation with either a lined envelope or a basic envelope, a return address label, a favor sticker and a thank you note. All items are sold a la cart (which I love - since really I can only work the favor stickers in to my party now that my husband has got all up in my party planning business) with invitations starting at $55 for 25, favor stickers are $25 for 25 and thank you notes starting at $50 for 25. The best way to purchase the sets is to visit the Demby and Solomon website and look up a retailer or email them with your location and party set request. My response was quick and thorough and it has been a pleasure working with the company. Turn around time is generally 3-5 days from an approved proof plus normal shipping time. I have a bridal shower (I LOVE the pop drops) and bachelorette party to plan in the upcoming months as well, and again, these kits would be awesome!!! I hope you all like them. Let me know what set is your favorite! And also take a look at their personalized gift stickers (as seen in Oprah!) and their amazing letterpress. Word on the street is they have some exciting new products in the works as well. And we'll be sure to let you know as soon as they debut.


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