Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few fun new items from King Arthur Flour

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I have a few minutes so I wanted to let you know about a few products I came across in my latest King Arthur Flour catalog. There are a ton of other things I want you guys to know about but for now my posts have to be quick. With all the linking, etc. posts can take a looooong time to put together. Right now O is flying his dad's remote control airplane right next to baby M in the pack and play and it is just a matter of time until he becomes a landing pad and I'll have to ground all flights so here is what I love in the new catalog.

Tulip Muffin Papers. A cool, unique alternative to regular cupcake papers. A set of 24 for $4.95.

Candy Coated Chocolate Chips. Even a novice decorator like me can make a baked treat (or pancakes, etc.) look fun and delicious with the help of these bright toppers. About 2 cups for $7.95.
Swirl Cupcake Papers. Don't even bother to ice or decorate a plan frosted cupcake with these bright and cheery cupcake papers. They come in red, orange, green or assorted. 60 papers for $6.95.

Okay, that is it for now. I think I have time to check email before any crying starts.

S (by the way, I am totally listening to Pandora Radio in the background as I write this thanks to A's post. It is my new favorite!)

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