Monday, January 26, 2009

An easy idea for favors

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Good morning cupcakes! I am fresh off the tail of my kiddo's 6th birthday. And my work schedule is now officially out of control. My time card read 45 and 48 hours for the last two weeks at my part-time job. So you're frankly just going to have to cut me some slack for my missing posts. I can barely keep my eyes open these days no less put a post together. But I know you're thinking "cry me a river - that's every week for me". So I guess I should do less whining and more getting to the point of my post. You know, for S and I, party planning has always been somewhat of a creative outlet. When you have kids and a family and a job and everything that comes along with them, you often have less time for creativity so you've got to find it in different places. And I will be the first to admit that, at times, my need for a creative outlet has taken my parties to this totally out of control place where I was so busy "creating" that it totally took the fun out of it. With the last few soirees, I've learned to be selective about where I let my creativity flow and where I learn to rely on the creativity of others. Recently, S forwarded me something that I think is a great way to do just that. The next time you get a minute, take a look at The site has a ton of really cute, out of the norm invitation suites at pretty reasonable prices. But the thing that takes this site one step above the rest is their favor boxes. at you can browse through a bunch of FREE (you heard me right) printable favor boxes. They're cute, creative and coordinate with some of the invitations available on their site. So save your creative fix for special detail elsewhere in your party - the invitations and favor boxes are DONE!

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