Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Like a Post It, Only Gift Wrap

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My life is officially spinning out of control. Its what, like a week and a half before Christmas? I'm in trouble. I can't keep up with anything....I just took a look at my calendar and realized that I've just got a few days to wrap gifts too, and that got me thinking. Doesn't it seem like the gift wrapping is always the thing that kind of gets put off until the last minute? So there you are on Christmas Eve with a mountain of presents in front of you, its 1am and you realize - NO TAPE. So you go digging in your drawers for anything you can find to keep those gifts closed - stickers, scrapbooking adhesive, even glue will do. If only you could get that wrapping paper to stick. So AMEN and Hallelujah for the people over at Hallmark. Adhesive gift wrap. Yeah, wrapping paper that sticks to itself. Its a hard concept, I know. But basically, its like a giant post-it note. The paper is just $4.99 for 30' which I think is a total bargain, especially since I won't have to go on a tape hunt this year. And you all know how I feel about wrapping paper. Since its adhesive, you can use it as napkin rings, you can cut and use as placemats (and it will stick right where you put it! OR - use it as placecards - just stick to a glass or plate. OR you could even use it to create a perfect centerpiece - just cut a strip, wrap around a glass vase and fill with your favorite ball ornaments. Lots of possibilities here! Now, sorry, but I've got to run. I've got cookies to bake, presents to wrap, stockings to fill and I have less than 24 hours to plan and pull off a party for my daughter's class. Whew. (Oh, and here's a little video here just in case you need a good visual for how the paper works...)


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