Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get your own silverware...

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Okay, it's crunch time people. Christmas is next week! Can you believe it? Where did the time go. I am done with my holiday shopping, except for a few stocking stuffers so as soon as I can shake the kid for an hour or two, I'll be done. Then there is the wrapping. Our bedroom looks like a miniature elf wrapping station right now. It is really the only place the gifts will be safe from curious fingers. This year, on account of a baby that may or may not be partially hanging outside my body as we speak (sorry if that is a bit graphic for you but that is certainly how I'm feeling these days) we will be enjoying a quiet Christmas holiday at home, close to the hospital. It will be low key with no thought of decor, centerpieces etc. It is just what I need. But as I was reading the January issue of Bon Appetit magazine yesterday I saw the cutest napkins. And of course they come from Plum Party. As so many families will be enjoying buffet meals this time of year, these are the perfect accompaniment and practical solution. Instead of spending hours tying napkins and a ribbon or paper napkin ring around silverware to jazz up your spread, just enlist the help of your children and have them insert the silverware into these ready made silverware holding napkins. The colors are such that they should fit into most holiday decors and fresh enough that the next party I plan will probably be planned around these wonderful napkins. And they are just $16.00 for 50 of them. But if these don't do it for you, check out Plum Party's full selection of napkins. I knew they were the ish (sh*t for those of you non-rap loving readers) but they really have an amazing selection of napkins. From all kinds of solids, both paper and cloth, to a great assortment of the most modern and perfect patterns. Right now they are having a holiday sale, so be sure to check them out for all your holiday party planning needs. Okay I heard my son upstairs wake up. I better get to him before he tears his whole room apart and that becomes today's chore.

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