Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

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We probably should have mentioned this before, but I think we are taking the week off. I know A is super busy with stuff and here is my list of ailments: 38 weeks pregnant, second sinus infection in 2 months, 2.5 year old who no longer naps, and it's 2 days before Christmas. So while I would love to give you some last minute entertaining tips for your own holiday celebrations, I think I am going to call in "mom" this week. Not calling in sick, calling in "mom." Don't you think businesses should recognize that as a valid reason to call in from work? I certainly do. And first thing in the new year I will begin my awareness campaign. That is, of course, after I get my ant awareness group off the ground. T and I can't shake those pesky critters and they really are making me crazy. So anyway, every year my family does a themed Christmas card. I thought I would post this year's so you could get a good laugh. I wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to continuing the blog next year.


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