Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Borders - free entertaining downloads. Who would have thought?

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As always, this is gonna be quick.  We have a hospital tour to take in an hour, I am trying to get Oliver to take a quick nap before Grandma GG gets here and I still need to make my grocery list.  And let's do a quick prego tally.  I am 35 weeks and I had O at 36.5 weeks, so... this baby could be here any time.  AHHHHHH!!!!
Okay, so my post for today was going to be on something that I recently bought from Borders Books that I am in love with.  I bought it for T's baby sprinkle (which is this Saturday so photos should be up next week) which if she reads this without seeing the item, will thoroughly freak her out and I love that.  So, I bought a white tinsel Christmas tree.  From Borders Books.  I know, odd.  I had been thinking of doing an art and craft project with birch branches spray painted white and then some special decor (which I am not at liberty to discuss because it really needs to go along with a whole big picture to sound like it could be cool at all...).  But I am not all that art and crafty and was spending more and more money on this decoration that was really  just not turning out.  And then I stumbled upon this tree at Borders for $10.  Done.  And I am really excited to use it at home after the party too.  You may be thinking it must be something similar to Charlie Brown's poor pathetic tree, but it isn't.  At least to me.  I think it is wonderful and modern and gorgeous and has so many decorating possibilities!  But when I went on their site, I could not find it so forget everything I just said.  This post is not about the tree (I'll show you the picture from the shower next wee).  So now, what this post is about is the free downloads and entertaining resources available on Borders.com.  Not the first place I would think to look but they had some fun, helpful and quirky stuff nonetheless.  First I came across a section of free downloads.  Not only did it include coloring pages for the kiddies, it also has gift tags and placecards.  The designs are whimsical and pretty nontraditional so they might not be for everyone.  They are also done in black and white so you could have the kids color them to get them involved in the holiday planning.  What a neat little section.  But then my eyes were drawn to another section called "Plan a Festive Get Together."  Here they have several holiday recipes plus (of course) links to new cookbooks, they have a section to browse holiday music, an area to purchase wine (from a bookstore?  I know!) and you can even personalize the label!, there is even a link to buy the dvd that plays roaring fireplace scene over and over on your tv.    Wow.  So aside from the fact that they really do want you to buy their books, there are quite a few little tid bits for you to benefit from immediately.  Check it out.  Okay, back to the grocery list.  

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