Monday, November 24, 2008

Target Letterpress!

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By now, you are very familiar with how S and I feel about Target. But now I have a new (well new-ish anyway) reason to love them. I don't know how often you frequent your local Target but for awhile now they've been carrying a great line of letterpress stationery. Most of it is carried in their wedding section (all the best party products somehow end up there). Anyway, what I recently discovered is that Target also has a website companion to their letterpress that is AWESOME. First of all, you can preview their whole line of stationery, which they have organized by wedding, baby and "every day". (Again, check out the wedding stationery, and don't rule it out for your non-wedding related party soirees). Once you choose the design you want to work with, you have the option to purchase it if you haven't already, OR, if you already have chosen yours in-store, you can create your stationery with their online templates. And this is not your average template that opens up "MS Word" is a new window. This is totally interactive and displays your fonts, etc right there on a digital sample invitation so you can actually see how your wording will look on your stationery choice. I'm not doing this justice, you should just check it out for yourself here at . Letterpress for a fraction of the cost. I heart Target letterimpress.


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