Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One or a bunch?

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I love this product. The really cool vase was just in Parents magazine in one of their gift guides and I think it would be perfect for gifting or just to have around at your parties. The plastic vase is called One or a Bunch and is basically double sided. Use the narrow side if you have a few stems to display or flip it over and use the wider mouth if you have a large bouquet. They are only $9.00 each and come in some really great colors that would most certainly coordinate with most party themes. These are not large so they should be pretty easy to store and could be reused over and over again. Another cool feature is the ridges that are decorative on the outside but help the flowers arrange themselves too. Awesome for those of us who are floraly challenged. And even cooler...they are dishwasher safe!!! No more scrubbing that stinky flower water out of the vase by hand (oh come on, you know you all get that). They are 9" tall and I can see so many other uses for it! Add a cool plate to the top and you've made your own cake stand. They can be used as a serving dish for candies or chips, etc. (well, I think you could anyway, not sure if they are food safe, come to think of it. But I would serve food in it...) These would also be ideal to have a few extras around the house as a last minute, I had no idea they would be bringing a gift kind of gift. What are you waiting for. They now have red available. Perfect for all your holiday decorating and entertaining. Buy them at One or a Bunch.com.
By the way, I'm going to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving right now since I will not be posting the rest of the week. It's time for a break and we will be having lots of family around so time will be limited. And I kind of thought I was going in to labor at Target today, so we'll see how that goes too... If you suddenly have complete and udder silence from me, it means that I have had the baby and will resume posting as soon as I am able. So I am thinking sometime around spring...:)

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