Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HAPPY-ier Thanksgiving!

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I know its a day early but this is the last post of the week, so I just wanted to say an early Happy Thanksgiving! My husband is off of work today and the kids are bouncing off the walls with I apologize if this post becomes a rambling mess but its hard to focus when you've got two screaming kids in your ears. At any rate...Thanksgiving. What are your traditions? I think I've mentioned this before, but I love this holiday. Next to Christmas, its my favorite. There's just something about having your family and friends around the dinner table sharing a meal. (And for a nice twist, its raining today in South Cali which means it might actually not be a hundred and fifty degrees here for turkey day....) Anyway, so yeah - I do love Thanksgiving. Who doesn't really? Well, unless you come from one of those families where every get together means some sort of competitive bickering or fighting and ends up being a total mess. So here's something to help direct your Thanksgiving conversations and help you avoid those ...uh... sensitive subjects. I am pretty sure that I've mentioned the Box Girls before. They basically have these great boxes of conversation starters for all kids of occassions. And their Thanskgiving box is great because it comes with matching placecards. So you can also avoid having those bickering relatives anywhere near each other.... Okay, and since I know that some of you might be thinking "well that's a great idea, but Thankgiving is tomorrow so there's no way I could get that in time", try this homemade version from Family Fun which you can download and print for free. Make this a new holiday tradition! So again, have a truly HAPPY Thanksgiving!

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