Thursday, November 6, 2008

A rambling, mess of a post, but some good stuff to know about...

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Sorry for the late post today. I was going to be lazy and not post today but I don't want to let my loyal reader down...:) O, my son, decided to get up extra early today and as I was checking my email from my iphone all snuggly in bed with him, I saw exactly what I wanted to post about. I got an email from Junior Society (I've mentioned them before but you HAVE to sign up for their emails!) with a holiday gift guide. And what do I see? The perfect chalk to go with a the perfect lap chalkboard I purchased from Etsy seller Little Alouette yesterday. So I clicked over to find out more about the chalk and found some other great stuff on a website called Linda Ferrol Studio. I love unique gift items, and there are plenty to be found on the site. But you HAVE to see her Celebration section. Although somewhat small (I beg of you...please expand!) the items are unique and awesome. I can't wait for O's next birthday so I can get the wish boats!!! As for gifts, you have to check out this awesome memory game. And now quickly back to Junior Society. You must go to their website and check out the craft fairs that they will be attending for the upcoming holiday season. They also run a shop called Mahar Dry Goods and they sell amazing products, with a great selection of party products. The craft fairs are a great way to touch and feel the items before you buy. They are quality items and would make great holiday presents. Buy all your holiday presents from them! Now, if only I could get them to do a show in North San Diego County...give a pregnant girl a break!!


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