Friday, November 7, 2008

Give a little, Get a lot

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Kids parties. We love them, we hate them. Ok, let's be honest for a second, most of the time we hate them. My daughter is five years old now and what I've learned is that apparently, 5 is the golden age of birthday parties. In the last year and a half we must have attended like 30 kids birthday parties - sometimes more than one a day! Its so hard to choose gifts for kids these days. Everything is high tech, over packaged, over priced and - let's face it - most kids already have too much stuff. And have you ever seen the mountain of trash that's left over at the end of the day? Not exactly your finest day for "going green". I've always wondered what the best way was to make kids parties more earth-friendly without taking all the fun away. Well, while I was pondering and coming up with nothing, Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith were actually formulating a plan that is pure genius. These two moms and friends now run ECHOage, the perfect green alternative to the usual kids party mess. Their website is the perfect start for an earth-friendly birthday party. Start with evite-style invitations. Then your child chooses a cause to donate to. When the invites are sent, your guests can contribute the amount they choose. A portion of the money is pooled so your child will receive one meaningful gift, and the rest goes to your cause. So get this - no paper wasting invites, no 5 huge trashbags full of giftwrap, no one million cardboard boxes from toys AND your child still gets a great gift from their guests? Its a win-win! (Oh and by the way, their website - totally modern. Their invites - super cute. This is truly done right.)


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