Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the muzak

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So my son officially hates me. I am talking about the one that I already have. Although I imagine it is only a matter of time after the next one gets here for him to hate me too. My 2 1/2 year old has decided that he no longer naps. Neat. That is when I usually blog, do housework, relax on the couch, go the bathroom by myself, plan anything that I need to plan. But that is all gone. We are trying something called "quiet time" but as this all just happened last week, I was kind of caught off guard. Right now he is in his room, supposedly on his bed, reading books. But I'm hearing things. Noises, that don't sound like they are coming from his books or bed...So I imagine this will have an effect on my posts and their focus and length (I am really good with excuses aren't I?) So as I was quickly browsing online and checking my emails, I came across this post from Droolicious today. I thought it was perfect since I am deep in to planning T's sprinkle. Do I have the time to put together a personalized playlist? Gee, it's not looking good. So this Modern Baby Shower Playlist by the Vitamin Sting Quartet sounds like the perfect answer. The cd is available at Amazon for $12.95, but you should, for sure, peruse Droolicious as well. I have gotten some great Christmas present ideas from there, so family if you are reading this, do not go to the site until after the holidays...I am unclear how many tracks are on this cd, but who wouldn't want to hear "Sweet Child O' Mine" done by a sting quartet? This cd would work for so many other kinds of parties too. What a great way to reach a wider audience. Okay, it has suddenly gotten very quiet. Something must be up.

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