Friday, November 14, 2008

Please vote!!!

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Our site was recently nominated for an award on Divine Caroline!!! So exciting.  Please head on over and vote for us at this link or click on the button in the top right hand corner of the blog.  And please hurry.  They are determining the winners in early December! For those of you who don't know it, Divine Caroline is a website, or rather a "community" for women.  You can write stories, join chat groups, read articles on topics that women want to read about.  While you are at it, check out some of the entertaining resources that can be found on the website such as recipes, or articles like The Broke Socialite's Primer to Tailgating on a Dime, or The New Mommy in Town about meeting new friends by throwing a Mom appreciation night.   I may have to try this one since I know a total of 2 people in my new town...

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