Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is it possible?

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Does anyone out there remember Doorknock Dinners on the Food Network?  It was hosted by Gordon Elliot and he would knock on random people's doors, bringing with him a chef, some entertainment and a camera crew.  The premise was that they had to use only what was found already in the home's fridge and pantry and they would create a magnificent meal for the family that evening.  I always hoped that he would ring our doorbell one day.  Well, not too long ago, my sister, K, had something similar happen to her.  She had made friends with chef and restaurant owner, Nancy, who also writes a column for Nevada Home Magazine where she goes to your house and makes dinner with items that you already have.  Here is the kicker.  She only allows herself an hour to do all the cooking!!! Yikes!  So my sister was lucky enough to have them over one recent weeknight to prepare a dinner for the Thanksgiving issue.  So this Thanksgiving inspired dinner, which sounds better to me then the usual whole shebang, is what they came up with.  They couldn't have picked a better house to do this at as my sister has EVERYTHING imaginable in her pantry and also the most full fridge and freezer anyone has ever seen.  The great thing about this article is that they provide all the recipes for you.  Hello Maple Cinnamon Apples, I'm coming for you.  Link over to the magazine site for the recipes and see if you might be able to use these at your next get together.  Nancy also has recipes in this issue for a Hanukkah meal as well.  My sister raves about her food so I think I will check her articles every month from now on.  Not only does Nancy run a cafe and catering company and write these articles for the local magazine, she also has time to write a food blog.  The blog has a ton more recipes, like for a Classic Banana Layer Cake, a Tart Cherry Crisp with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and Brioche French Toast.  Yes, there are recipes on there for savory dishes too, but I'm pregnant and these sweet treats are really appealing to me right now.  I think I will go dip a banana in some cream cheese and cinnamon and sugar and pretend it is Nancy's Banana Layer Cake...
And if you are in Reno, check out Nancy at Dish Cafe and Catering.  It is my first stop on my next trip out there.  

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