Thursday, October 9, 2008

You've heard of Smart Water, but have you heard of cute water?

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Why the heck is it so hot right now? Why did mother nature play such a cruel joke on us? So we move to a town that has "ocean breezes" and no one here has built in air conditioning because there are only like "5 days out of the whole year that you would need it" and we are going on day 7 of "I'm pregnant and hot and want the air on day and night." And the silly old weather man who wears a bow tie (I really miss my new people. Dallas Rains - where are you?) says we are expecting Santa Ana winds this weekend. First of all, winds are never good for a party. Second of all, yesterday I had my first brush fire scare (although we were not in danger at all but I could see some smoke pretty well from my driveway) and have thought about what I would take in an evacuation every night since we've moved anyway. Thirdly, it's October. Shouldn't we be starting to enjoy those days that, while still comfortably temperate, are not scalding? I wish anyone having outdoor parties luck. But here is my segue to my post for today (finally! you say). I know how hard it is to get children to drink water and stay hydrated especially at a party that is hot and when there are so many more fun drink options for them. But I saw these Bot Beverages and thought, hmmm, now there is a good idea! Well, I wouldn't drink them because for one, I don't like fruit flavored waters as I feel like they taste watery (is it a juice, is it water - pick one) and I also don't like sweet liquids, unless it is a shake. But for kids, these would be perfect. It comes in four flavors, lemon, orange, berry and grape and the packaging is super cute. The bottles are 12 ounces and you can buy a four pack for $5.56 or a 12 pack for $15.85 online right from their website. These drinks are also available at Whole Foods, Gelson's, and others (listed right on their website). These would be so cute to do a whole party around. I picture lots of white with just pops of the character's colors. Or you can just have these on hand at an adult party so kids feel special too. I'm going to go have some water now. It's only 7:39 am right now and I think it already may be like, 130 degrees. Okay, I'm fibbing, but it's gonna be a hot one.

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