Monday, October 13, 2008

Dump Cake

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I'm not sure if A has time to post today so I thought I would give you a recipe that I recently made. There is no photo. And trust me, the photo would not make you want to make this cake. So chalk it up to being prego. Or just really liking things that are bad for you, but when I was going through the cookbook that my mom made for me when I moved out of the house and came across the recipe for "Dump Cake" I had to make it. Yeah, it's called Dump Cake. And even when you see the ingredients you may think, hmm, that doesn't sound like it would be that great. But that is where you would be wrong. It is super simple and easy and quick, and it comes out tasting like heaven. So just try it. No idea where the recipe originated, so if anyone knows, please comment so we can give credit where it is due.

1 can (around the 15 ounce size - I don't remember the exact measurement, but it is the size of a can of green beans) crushed pineapple.

1 can of cherry pie filling (same size, roughly, as above)

1 box yellow cake mix

1 cup of butter (2 whole sticks) (for any of you that read this before Monday, Oct. 13, i had that 1 cup was 1 stick. my sister brought to my attention that the recipe was incorrect. what that tells me is that my cake could have been even better and now I have to remake it with the correct amount of butter, but see, even with a wrong measurement, I still couldn't mess up this cake!)

In a 9 x 13 pan, spray a light spray of Pam. I have never had trouble with this sticking but, better safe than sorry I guess. Pour in the whole can of pineapple including juice. Pour in the cherry pie filling. No need to stir. Pour the yellow cake mix over the top trying to be even, but it really doesn't matter (i love recipes like this!!). Now melt the stick of butter and pour it over the top. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about an hour. Then wait until it cools a bit and dig in. I usually like it cold so I put it in the fridge when it has cooled down. It makes a great breakfast dish or anytime of day dish. Next time I make it I am going to try to make it allergy friendly for O, but on this occasion I didn't have his yellow cake mix. Looks like I have to set up a trip to Whole Foods. So this wouldn't be a great party treat on account of how it looks, but the taste is amazing. Perfect for impromptu entertaining. You can artfully scoop it in to bowls in the kitchen and add some zing with a mint sprig or something to jazz it up. Let me know what you think!!


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