Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The King is not dead

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I have been wanting to post about King Arthur flour for some time. I have seen a few of their items over and over again in various publications and think they would really bring a special touch to parties. Of course I have seen their flour at Whole Foods and also seen some of their baking pans, but had no idea the scope of what they do as a company. I love their individual pie slice pans. I love to do individual portions at parties and these are perfect! They come in a set of 2 for $10.95 or buy more and save more. Aside from using these as a baking dish, these would be cute to serve an appetizer sized salad or even just use them as serving dishes for nuts (unless nuts are the devil to your family like they are to mine on account of food allergies) or candies. These are certainly on my Christmas list because there are just times when you really crave a tasty apple crisp, but either don't have enough apples, or don't need to make a whole batch. The next product I think is amazing is the Airplane Pan (Bakes 6 planes at a time for $16.95). So cute. On my list of parties to have, is a flight themed party. Ever since In Style Magazine showed photos of a birthday for John Travolta I have been just waiting for the perfect opportunity. And think of how totally cute this pan would be for a kids airplane themed party. Oh, I can't wait!!! So because of these two products, I decided to look to see if they have a website and boy, do they ever!!! I quickly requested a catalogue and freaked out when it arrived. I want one of everything. You have to check out all the kids baking mixes (at least 6 different flavors to choose from $5.50 - $6.00 each), that not only would make a great gift, but would be totally perfect for a cooking themed kids party. And the Apple Cinnamon Doughnut Mix (makes 6 donuts for $5.95) and Doughnut Pan ($15.95)! Please! Why don't I have those already? They sell shot glasses made especially for dessert (set of 6 for $16.95) which would be perfect for individual portions of trifles or strawberry shortcakes (although I sometimes use votive holders to get the same affect and it is much easier on the pocket book). The catalogue is over 50 pages of kitchen gadgets, flours and wonderful mixes, pans, gourmet foods, etc. I have now found my go-to company for gifts. T, your birthday is right around the corner. I hope your new oven is prepped and ready to go.

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PJH said...

Hey, Cupcakes (if I may be so familiar) - Thanks so much for this great post! Your enthusiasm is contagious - makes me want to run right out into the kitchen and bake something- quick! As one of the baker/bloggers here at King Arthur Flour, I have the opportunity to play with our tools and ingredients and lots of great stuff every day. And our goal is to share what we discover in the kitchen with as many bakers out there as possible. So, on behalf of my fellow 167 King Arthur Flour co-owners — thanks for helping us spread the word! - PJ Hamel, King Arthur baker/blogger


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