Monday, October 6, 2008

Your Own Personal Christmas Elf

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Forget Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas is right around the corner!! I admit that I am a bit obsessive when it comes to Christmas. I have a list of to-do items that starts around the end of summer and usually doesn't get accomplished until Christmas Eve. In my craziness to get Christmas straight, I once consulted a personal organizer who told me that in order to really enjoy the holidays stress-free, I should try to get my gift list together and my shopping done by 8 weeks before Christmas - which just happens to fall at Halloween! Yeah, so obviously that doesn't happen but I do try to be on top of things at the holidays. And its never too early to figure out new ways to keep from having a heart attack or some other stress-related ailment during December. And since clearly a fat-free diet and lots of exercise are not in the cards, I bring you elfster. For those of you who, on top of having your own Christmas to take care of, are busy planning holiday parties for work, secret santas for your book club or other gift exchange craziness, elfster is the way to go. Everything is done online and is totally user friendly (plus its free!) You just enter some basic details, plus email addresses for those you would like to invite to participate in your exhange and elfster does the work for you! We're talking everything from name draws to wish lists - its all there. Plus, you can totally ask your secret santa anonymous questions, which is the feature I love most. They suggest questions like "What is your favorite type of music?" to make gift giving easier, but I'm sure you could figure out a few anonymous questions of your own...just remember that in most secret santa exchanges your true identity is revealed in the unless you plan on quitting (or perhaps getting fired) shortly after your gift exchange, try to keep it G rated.


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