Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who knew a hole in the head could be so cute?

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Sleep. Where have you gone? I miss you so. This post is being written by a very tired mom to be who can no longer sleep through the night and probably can't create coherent sentences either. But enough about me. Let's talk keepsakes. I have always been a fan of celebration plates. You know, those plates that you get to use maybe once or twice a year to eat your dinner or cake off of? The ones that are special to your family and it is super exciting when you get to use it? I am still on the market for the perfect plate for my young family, but I came across these really cute candle holders this morning on Droolicious and had to share. These are a bit more feminine than I would probably use, especially since I will have two boys very shortly, but I think they are super adorable. These 4" wooden picks come with a hole in the top of their head to fit a standard candle. These are a bit more whimsical than I am usually drawn too, but love them just the same. They are sealed so that you can wash any frosting off and use for birthdays, sick days, holidays, any day you want your child to feel extra special. At $30, it is an investment, but if taken care of properly, you can probably pass this on to your little girl's little girl. There are a few hair color and dress pattern options to choose from so hopefully you can find one that resembles your own little doll. I think this would be great to use at a baby shower and then gifted to the mom to be, or even would be great for a grandma to have for when she entertains the little ones. Buy it here at The Small Object. Okay, back to online Christmas shopping. I have to plan ahead for the cankles I will inevitably get. Don't want to have to drag those bricks around a mall to finish my Xmas shopping!

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