Monday, October 20, 2008

A Reason To Give Thanks

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Give Thanks For Crate & Barrel! I mean, sure its great to give thanks for shelter and warmth and the love of family and friends, but let's be honest for a second here. For a lot of us out there, that stuff takes a back seat at times to giving thanks that you were able to pull off a warm meal for 20 complete with a tender turkey and not-too-lumpy mashed potatoes. Let's give our hostesses out there some credit - the Thanksgiving meal can be a hard one to pull off at times. Which I why I was pretty stoked when I found these Thanksgiving prep kits at Crate and Barrel. Everything from the perfect turkey kit to the rosemary sage stuffing mix (yum. The stuffing is always my favorite part of the meal...) to the yummy yams and perfect potatoes. The stress is completely taken out of pulling together a whole Thanksgiving menu. Plus they are actually affordable too! The gourmet gobbler turkey kit, complete with brining spices, heavy-duty brining bag, and an herbaceous rub is just $14.95. The side dishes are just $5 to $7 each for about 8 servings. The only thing missing is the green bean casserole and my mom's famous chocolate cream pie. MMMM, I can taste it already!


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