Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Sorry for the late post today. O and I decided to drive to La Jolla for a Whole Foods trip before lunch. And I usually post the day before, but well, the couch was really comfy yesterday and then O had a very short nap, so time just slipped away...I always have such good excuses don't I? So, there is this site that I head about in Dynamic Graphics magazine awhile ago that I has been on my "to post" list. And then I saw it mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings newest issue and thought, okay, enough procrastinating, it's time. But it has such a funny name and reminds me of my mother-in-law (and loyal C&C reader) because she loves cow paraphernalia. The website is Moo.com. And pretty much has nothing to do with cows. It is an online print shop that allows you to use their ready-made designs or use your own images. The product I am most interested on the site is their sticker books. A book of 90 starts at $9.99. Upload your own photos to use as seals on party invitations, as decoration throughout the party, or use their graphics. They have some great collections. Everything from photography to these cool cartoony characters. They have an "ideas and inspirations" section that is really helpful in coming up with creative ways to use their product with sections for holidays, weddings, etc. They also do note cards, business cards, greeting cards and mini cards. The mini cards or business cards could be used as favor tags, place cards, mini menu cards, or something else entirely unique (see their mini banners!!!). The choice is yours! Primarily, it looks like the site is geared towards blogs or really small business but I think would be an awesome place to do some inexpensive party planning. Check it out.

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