Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Not So Scary Halloween Idea

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Halloween is my enemy. It is sucking my will to live. There is not much I really like about it really. I mean, at least with Christmas there' s a payoff to all that hard work. With Halloween, what's left at the end? A costume your kids won't wear again, a couple of cavities and ten extra pounds. And sugar-charged children. Awesome. BUT. I do recognize that for some of you, Halloween is a big deal. And that for those of you who are into it, you have probably already spent countless hours planning the perfect Halloween soiree. So for you, today I'm talking about caramel (carmel?) apples. That's right. Your childhood favorite, only this time, done your way. For a unique and easy party idea, why not try a caramel apple dipping station? Pick a variety of different apples if you would like, then just insert popsicle sticks or large lollipop sticks (both of which can be found at your local craft store). Then, of course, make sure you have a crockpot or fondue pot going with your favorite caramel apple dipping recipe (Try this one from Family Fun if you don't have a favorite). And for the finishing touch, make sure you have plenty of chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, M&Ms (the mini ones work great for this) or whatever else you might want. A fun and easy idea to add to your Halloween buffet!

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