Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Work It Girl!

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I'm a wreck this morning. Who thought it was a good idea for school to start so early? This whole getting up at 5:30 thing is killing me. I think I should join the PTA and lobby for a later start time. Like 10:30. That sounds good to me. I could still sleep until 8am and I might not even have to peel my daughter out of bed every morning. Any-who. With that said, its going to be a bit of a short post this morning as I'm running a bit behind schedule today...So yesterday I was doing a little "research" online and was reading this great little blog by Avocado Kiss Stationery, which is who I have to thank for introducing me to today's post item. Girl of all Work is a website full of useful and fun work related items - journals, clips, bookmarks, etc. But this is not your average office supply store. These items are very designy and totally girly (which you know I love). Many of the items on their site could easily be used as inspiration for your next party. Like these vintage record label cds. You know cds are one of my favorite party favors. And I've seen some pretty cute labels and packaging before but this is an idea I found to be totally creative and super fun! They could totally work for a milestone birthday for that music lover you know, a sock hop or any occassion really! So check out the site when you get a chance. Take a look at these cd labels and all the other fun items. You won't be disappointed.


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Avocado Kiss Stationery+Design said...

Thanks for mentioning us! So happy to know that someone enjoys our little blog!


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