Thursday, September 18, 2008

Game Time

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I hate party games. Nothing brings a party to a screeching halt like an organized party game. And since many parties end up being thrown by people who aren't interested in doing something new and modern, the same games get played over and over again at every shower in town. I do have to give T a shout out here though for my baby shower. Not only was the decor amazing (a totally modern chocolate brown and baby blue color scheme complete with an amazing dessert bar - thanks to Eve for the custom desserts- a chocolate fountain and a top your own donut bar) but the party games were inventive and fun and right up my alley. More on those games later (I still have the game cards and games and want to take photos so you can see just how awesome these games were). But in certain cases, when there is not a whole lot else going on at a party or just for an extra touch, I like to have custom word games around for those who might be looking for something to do. This Saturday is A's grandfather's (A is my husband's sister for those of you keeping track) 90th birthday party. We set out to do a party loosely based on Oktoberfest but with a chocolate brown, orange and cream color palette. I am really excited at how everything is coming together, but I am especially fond of the game packets that I have put together. First I created a custom word search puzzle on a site similar to Free I love this because it allows you to really bring attention to the guest of honor by using words of events throughout his life. For example, I used his name, where he worked for, like, ever, where he grew up, etc. and then also threw in some Oktoberfest words too. Then, I used a template already created in Illustrator, that I knew had our color scheme, to jazz it up. I have only very basic design skills and Illustrator prowess, but if this program is unavailable to you, you can always spice the plain puzzles up by printing on colored paper or cardstock and adding other paper craft embellishments. I also created a custom crossword puzzle with Oktoberfest trivia and then did a multiple choice trivia game on Oktoberfest. I used the same look for all of the puzzles and then used a gold brad to secure the pages together. I have tiny golf pencils all ready to go on the tables so anyone who wants to play these games can. The game packets are another way to personalize a party and add another way to bring in the color theme if that is what the decor focuses on. I know we will have pictures to show you from the party, so stay tuned...


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