Monday, September 22, 2008

Pop Goes the Placemat

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I hate silence. I'm just not good at it. Especially at a dinner party. I sometimes find myself making the lamest small talk and asking the most ridiculous quesitons just to break the quiet lull in conversation. "So. It was hot today, huh?" (Who cares, right?) Yeah, that's me. Akward conversation girl. But today I may have found something to spark conversation right there at the dinner table. WHERE did you get those placemats? That's right, placemats. True, it might not be your average conversation piece but these are awesome. Pop-up placemats. Think your childhood pop-up book meets your dinner table. These placemats are sold in packs of 10 for $24.00 at plum party or And true, that might be a little bit more than you would usually invest in a disposable placemat. But these are made from 100% recycled paper (so you can continue that dinner party conversation with a segue into environmental concerns). Plus, the pop up design can double as a placecard, so no need to purchase those (economics, another hot dinner party conversation note). AND, the pop-up adds a lot of visual interest to your table so less need to hunt down table decorations (because you're busy - insert conversation about work, kids, etc.) I just love these. Functional and fun - pull these out at your next dinner party and hopefully you won't hear too much conversation about the weather.


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