Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Wild and Girly West

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Hey Cupcakes, hope you had a great holiday weekend. Just wanted to welcome you to the first week of September. Also, wanted to let you know that both S and T are going to be moving at the end of the month so the posting may be kind of splotchy for the next few weeks. But we hope you will stick around because we promise good things to come in the future. We've got some great party photos to show you and also unique party themes with links to all products used. But now, on to your regularly scheduled post...

There are so many themes out there for kids parties. But it seems like there tends to be a lot of pink at little girl's parties. I am a big supporter of all girly things that aren't pink. I don't think it makes you any less feminine to wear something other than the color that matches Pepto Bismol. And I feel like there are a number of parties you can have that are still very girly. When I was perusing Etsy one day, I came across these absolutely adorable cowgirl favor tags. My mind began spinning with what the rest of the party could look like. To start, these favor tags are sold in sets of 8 for $4.50 by Doodle Pad Designs. I am sure you get start a dialogue with them and see what else they might be able to provide for your party to go with this cute little cowgirl (cowgirl can be blonde or brunette). They also do return address labels (set of 30 for $4.50) and I don't see why they couldn't customize them to match. You can find pretty inexpensive bandannas or bandanna fabric at just about any craft store and I'm sure all over the place online (while I'd really love to look that up for you, I just don't have time today as I am about to cook dinner for my family for the first time in a week. I'm sure you understand). I am picturing bandanna fabric mixed with the very feminine touches of white eyelet fabric. Red gerber daisies in ball jars on the tables for color and decoration. I see a table runner done with hay or maybe even fake grass with crafty lady bug buttons scattered throughout to tie in the red, black and white color scheme. I see a cookie decorating station with cowboy boot shaped cookies and red icing with sugar crystals. I see someone braiding the girls hair and intertwining ribbon throughout. But if you just can't get past the pink, Doodle Pad Designs also has a princess return address label design and I bet they can create a favor tag to match it. So don't say I didn't try to think outside of the pink and help you create a party that people will remember as being different. And check out Doodle Pad Designs for all their 72 items they have on their site.

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