Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Stores Only

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There was that time in my life, not too long ago really, where it seemed like everyone I knew was getting married. Our lives were consumed by MS Weddings magazines and putting together the perfect color palette. Come to think of it, my wedding might be one of the first real parties I put together. (Which is frustrating because now when I look back, there are things that kill me. Okay, so I'm probably the only one who would notice, but whatever.) Anyway, I think it was planning my wedding that gave me a love for party planning. I still get some great ideas for parties by browsing through wedding magazines. And although generally weddings are a whole thing of their own that we like to kind of steer clear of, occassionally you run across something great for "weddings" that can be adapted to other parties too. That's what makes me love the new line by BRIDES magazine. Its another one of those "available in stores only" products by Michaels (note to anyone who might be a decision maker at Michaels - can you please put together an online store like everyone else????) Anyway, this is a great line. They've got several complete sets for weddings complete with everything you could need - from save the date cards and invites to labels, favors, seating cards, gift bags, confetti, you name it. The sets are all modern, stylish, elegant and completely customizable. Plus, totally affordable which is my favorite part. You can view the whole line here at, although I really feel like the photos don't do the line justice, which is frustrating for a blogger but trust me, its worth taking a peak at. And the next time you're planning a large soiree or even looking for a unique shower or birthday theme, think about making a trip to pick up everything you could need. And then get busy writing a strongly worded letter to Michaels for not having an online store.


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