Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something good hanging off your glass for once

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I am totally sorry for wasting your time today. I was up all night, anxious about a house that we are hoping to be approved for that I saw for a total of 10 minutes yesterday. I started thinking that I couldn't remember seeing the third bedroom!!! We need a third bedroom. And where are we going to put the computer, not to mention the out of town guests who allegedly intend to come all the time. And with no air conditioning (I sure hope they aren't kidding about the ocean breeze), and being on the one level, will I be able to fall asleep with the windows open without feeling like someone is going to come in and stab my family while we sleep? So, needless to say I've got a lot running through my pea brain right now. Add on to that the fact that all I have wanted to eat since about 2 pm today is ice cream, and you've got a distracted S. So here is my product for the day.
I have seen these Party Stockholm cocktail twists in various places. And I really like them. They look great - would certainly add a colorful little spark to a tasty beverage and would work well for cocktails or mocktails alike. How cute would the yellow citron twists be at a little girls party with sparkling lemonade? I think they could also make a great little embellishment for a dessert plate. They are pretty much a twirly hard candy made to hang on the rim of your glass. Some sites report that one end dips in to the cocktail and lightly flavors it. You'll have to be the judge. I tried to find out more info about Party Stockholm but just came across a bunch of sketchy You Tube videos. There are four flavors to choose from, citron, espresso, peppermint or apple or a sampler pack of all 4 flavors. You can find the twists at various places on line including our favorite, Plum Party - although it looks like they are out of a few flavors right now. They are also available on Amazon and Unica Home. Prices vary slightly, some offer the box at $4.95 while others are $10.00) and the amount that are in the package seems to be a tightly guarded secret - thanks for trying Amazon with your "each box contains 3.5 ounces of cocktail twists". Finally, time for some choco chip cookie dough ice cream and America's Next Top Model Who Doesn't Do Anything After She Wins. I bet someone is fierce tonight.

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