Friday, September 5, 2008

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Say It

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You know, there's a time and place for everything. There's a time to be polite, tactful and considerate of the feelings of others. And then there's other times. Times when you just need to say it like it is. Sometimes that might be a simple "You Crack Me Up", or "Your Ex is a Fool". Other times it might be more like "You Suck", "What the F" or "You're on my Sh-- List". And really, what better way to express the true depth of your emotions than a well thought out card. So today, I give you the Whimsy Press line of greeting cards. Everything from "Glad to Hear Your Baby Maker is Working" for that expectant friend of yours to "Save the Drama for Your Mama" for the drama queen in your life. This line of cards says it all, and says it bluntly. So pick a few up here at and send them out today. Or, if you have a sense of humor and some creativity, there are a few of these you could work into very unique party themes. Take that "Baby Maker" card with the Russian nesting dolls for instance. You could create a really cute and unique baby shower using the dolls pictured on the front of the card. Or just keep them on hand and use them to express the emotions you might never say out loud otherwise and then have a little party all by yourself.


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