Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some things to use again and again

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Okay, so we've found a place to move, yeah! And now the chaos begins, boo! I have been cleaning out every drawer, closet and cupboard where we live now for the past week. And, because the landlord wants to start showing this place to new renters, I've had to do a deep cleaning too. Not to bring it up yet again, but add in the fact that I am 23 weeks pregnant, sleeping through the night is just about impossible for me. The other night I was up at 3:30 am trying to decide if I should change my ob/gyn so I don't have to drive an hour to deliver the baby. Needless to say the only thing on tv at that hour is infomercials. But I did see a product that I had to get to clean my bathroom grout (bare minerals, here is a tip. Along with your wonderful powder mineral makeup, you should include a tarp). I did some research and the clever spinny brush thingy can be found at Linens N Things. And while I was online looking for that product, I came across a couple of other items that I think you all will love. First up is the buffet server. Now, I realize that you can have a buffet without this product and it will still be great. But I loved how modern and un-ornate it is. It is basic, efficient, easy and only $19.99. This can be used in so many ways. Use it for food on a buffet table. A mini candy bar/favor station, use it to hold cutlery, napkins, etc. on a buffet table. Use it to keep art supplies together on an activity table at a kids party. Fill the center piece with ice and a smaller dish of dip and the two side compartments with vegetables. And the second thing I found I thought was so cool. Talk about an updated, modern version of a picnic basket. I have a similar canvas frame tote that my mom got me and I love it. But add in this drawstring, expandable top to keep everything in and insulated, boom. Chic and simple alfresco dining. So next time you take your party outside, don't forget this Metro Basket. At only $29.99 I know you will get a ton of use out of it. I can also totally picture myself taking this to my kids soccer games full of treats for myself. I mean, for the kids. Okay, well off to LNT's I go. My local store is going out of business. I hope I can get a really good deal on everything...Wish me luck.

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