Monday, September 29, 2008

One Big Cupcake

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I am so sorry this post is up so late today. But better late than never right? I don't even want to get started on what my morning has been like. Nothing has gone the way it was supposed to. But I guess that's no excuse. Especially since I am not preggo or moving like my friends S & T. I really feel like a slacker having such a hard time posting when S somehow managed to post all week even WITH moving. But enough about me. You want to know what I've got for you today, right? I should probably start by saying that I am OBVIOUSLY not the most organized person out there. I need to put that out there for you. I read about a million blogs every day and subscribe to a multitude of online newsletters and magazines so I really mean it when I say that I have no idea where I first saw this. But I think its great regardless. I have spoken before about my love of cupcakes and what could be sweeter than a GIANT cupcake? Its a cute alternative to a regular plain-old birthday cake. I am totally seeing this cake as the centerpiece for a "sweet" themed birthday party. Or now that I think about it, this would be the perfect cake to bake to accompany Rachael Ray's "BIG" kids party (one of my favorite party themes she's had in her mag). Either way, I think its a great idea. You can find these GIANT cupcake-cake pans at Williams-Sonoma, or find the slightly cheaper Wilton version at many large chain stores like Target or at their own online store. Its a bit of an investment (about $30) but think about the money you would spend on a regular boring bakery-made cake and its a bargain. Plus, you can reuse it again and again in different ways! Like this princess-castle cake featured on the Wilton site, or like the carousel cake on the Williams-Sonoma site (pictured above). Plus, you cupcakes are all so creative I'm sure you could find a million other cute ways to use this cake pan!


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