Monday, September 15, 2008

Entertaining for a Cause

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We all have a cause that's close to our heart. But I think the fight against breast cancer is a universal cause for all women. I know that S is very passionate about breast cancer research and it is definitely a cause that I always wish I could do more for. And while most of us have been invovled with the Race for the Cure at some point, here is a fundraising effort you may not have heard about. Kitchenaid (maker of my favorite kitchen appliances and cooking utensils) has partnered with Susan G Komen to create a few unique and really fun ways to pull together with friends for a cause. For starters, there's the Cook for the Cure program. You can register online to download a free recipe booklet, donation cards, even customizable invitations to host your own appetizer, brunch or dinner benefit party! Or, for those of you who maybe don't have the space or the time to pull off a complete benefit, there's the "Pass the Plate" program. Available online starting today, you can purchase their dinner platter for $25. Cook dinner for your favorite friend and bring it to them on the platter. When they are through enjoying their meal, they register the platter online, then cook for someone they know and pass the plate again. Every time the plate is passed, Kitchenaid will donate $5 toward the cause. So even those of us who aren't morning (or running) people can do our part for this important cause.


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