Friday, August 22, 2008

Tiny Treats from Heaven

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A few nights ago, I went upstairs to find my 4 year old son quietly playing with his miniature star wars figures. I stood at his door for a minute to hear what he was saying. He was, in fact, pretending that his miniature princess Leia and his miniature r2d2 were at Starbucks ordering very specific beverages for the crew waiting in the starship outside. At first I was saddened that my own Starbucks addiction had infiltrated my sons imagination. But then my thoughts turned to the idea of how amazing it would be to have a miniature Starbucks playset complete with a tiny espresso machine and a little Barista in a tiny green apron. Well, until that fantasy comes true I will have to focus my energies on my other favorite I saw this idea for mini caramel apples in the September 2008 Family Fun Magazine (which, by the way, has some other amazing recipes and craft ideas). I, of course, was appalled that miniature apples are being sold and I didn't know about it. But as I shook off my Starbucks induced haze and read the article, it turned out that they used a melon baller to achieve bite sized apples. Genius! (Although, I'm thinking for the really lazy people, you could certainly look in to using something like a crab apple or whatever tiny apple Claim Jumper uses on their plates to make their food look even bigger than it already is).

After the apple is scooped out, it is dipped in melted butterscotch and covered in sprinkles or nuts. Or imagine covering the butterscotch in mini chocolate chips! Yum! All you need is a couple of large apples (each apple makes approximately 8 mini apples), a bag of butterscotch or peanut butter chips, some lollipop sticks (which can be found at any Michaels store, most local party supply stores and maybe even your grocery store), sprinkles and some mini paper cups for serving, like these from Shop Bakers These would be great at a Halloween party, baby shower, kids birthday or even as just a small sweet after a dinner party. I would love to see them at a party full of all kinds of other miniature desserts, like mini cupcakes, apple pie bites and shot glass shakes. Check out Family for the full recipe and instructions.


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