Monday, August 25, 2008

Do Me A Favor

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I've got to give S credit for this one. Awhile ago, she handed over some information which included a few great websites to check out. Naturally, I skimmed through it and put it back in its envelope and then put it on my bookshelf, intending to go through it more thoroughly as soon as could. Yeah, and that was about six months ago now. But this weekend, I actually had a few minutes to go through some of the things I had stashed away on that bookshelf (okay so that's code for 'the bookshelf had no more room and things started spilling out of the sides of it so I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and pick them up off of my bedroom floor'...but I digress). So in said envelope of information I found Designer Patricia Zapata has a shop full of amazing things but what I enjoyed most was her gift box templates. This is your chance to create something that will not only fulfill that need to be crafty but will add a truly unique touch to your next party. She has several template sets to choose from and each set of four templates can be downloaded for just $3.99! My favorite is the flower box but you should definitely look at all the other options she has to choose from. I love the idea of creating your own favor boxes, not just for the obvious personal touch but there are so many things you can do with them. Create them in colors that coordinate with your theme and use them a centerpiece. Or create different boxes in one color and they can double as room decor on a fire place mantel or to help dress up your table. Leave them plain or add some sparkle, some ribbon or some other accent unique to your party. Your favor boxes will be the talk of the town. Thanks, S!

Edited to add: The designer also makes favor boxes for boy/guy themed parties that are tanks! They are super cute without losing their toughness. Those are my favorite so I just thought I would interject...

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