Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The best brownie ever!

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T and I recently went to a gourmet food show in So Cal. We expected big things from it, but it was somewhat disappointing. There were only a small number of vendors and not too many items that could translate to party food or favors easily. There seemed to be an abnormally large amount of bbq sauces. The good part of the show was the samples. The bad part, all that bbq sauce. You don't unleash 2 pregnant woman on a food show with samples and expect for them to be content with bbq sauce on a tiny spoon. Luckily, there was one booth that turned the show around for us. They were called Blissful Brownies and they were the best brownies that I have ever tasted in my life. True story. These are not your average cakey brownie. These lean more towards a fudge and they are scrumptious. I tasted the classic chocolate, the chocolate caramel and the pumpkin spice brownie. Pumpkin spice you question? Embrace it. It was the most amazing mix of chocolate and cinnamon, similar to the flavor of a Mexican hot chocolate. And it was muy bien. Another delightful aspect of the company is that they often individually wrapped brownies (or something called a cupcake brownie) as a favor. They also have options to personalize a hang tag to tie it in to your event. They are a bit more expensive than I would usually spend on a favor per piece ($3.50). But for a smaller get together, I wouldn't hesitate to share these amazing treats with my closest peeps. They also sell them in gift boxes and also a baby brownie cake which would make a great hostess gift. They are a fresh item so they have limited shipping options (although you could call to discuss options with them). I think I may order these for my own baby sprinkle. Is that poor etiquette? And did I mention the Bottled Bliss? It is a chocolate sauce that they sell that can be used over ice cream, drizzled on desserts, spread on toast or cookies or dipped with apple slices. I'm thinking it tastes pretty good by the spoonful too. But that could just be the baby talking.


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