Thursday, August 21, 2008

Retro inspired party fun!

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Recently A and I were in a Paper Source store. They had a great display for kid's parties and they had some really cute felt hats sitting out. I was just drawn to them. The colors were vibrant, the shapes were retro cool and I could totally picture our kids running around in them. So I had to check and see who they were made by. Some people care about clothing labels. Me, no, party products. I was pleased to see they were by Party Partners. I was familiar with the company as they are sold on Plum Party and you all know how much we love them! It was great to be able to feel the quality of the item that you usually only find online. So of course I had to check out the rest of their line and see just what they are up to. I love it all!!! They have several fun hats including tiaras, circus hats and baby bowlers. They have lots of tooters to choose from decorated in various ways. What I love about their products is that they are retro done in a modern way. Their products have a touch of humor to them, which I adore. Even their straws and party picks are great! I think A may have already posted about their surprise balls (like a mini pinata for each guest) and their most easily accessible products is probably the fun fringe (which I have seen in tons of stores). My favorite category by far is Halloween. If you know me at all, you know that I hate pretty much everything about that holiday on account of the fact that I am a sissy scardy cat. But I love this style of decoration. And if I am to be involved in any kind of way this October 31, it will be with these decorations only. They also have a Holiday section so be sure to check that out too and see how you can jazz up your humble abode this holiday season. And in the spirit of efficiency and savings, they are starting to put together party kits to take all of the guess work out of putting together a theme party. Right now the only kit available is the jungle theme and it rocks. Check it out. All you really need to add is some tableware and food and you've got yourself a party. You can shop directly from their website but also from Plum Party too. I heart Party Partners.


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