Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MS Kids Archives

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You know how sometimes when you find that perfect item you want one in every color, size, etc....like when you find the perfect eyeliner or perfectly fitting top or jeans. Well, that's sort of how I feel about Martha. I love her. I aspire to be her (or at least aspire to pretend to be her in my own sort of lazy way that involves no cooking, sewing or cleaning). Anyway, naturally when she started coming out with magazines back in the day, I wanted to subscribe to all of them. My favorite, even back before I had kids of my own was her Martha Stewart Kids magazine. I'm so sad that its not around anymore because I always found the cutest ideas in those magazines. And to round it out, each issue always had a themed kids party. Now don't get me wrong - some of them were just a little over the top. Like the woodland fairy party where they suggested renting white horses to "set the mood"....anyhow, one of my favorite kids parties of all time was her Flower Power Birthday Party. I used the article on this party to throw a birthday party for my nieces and it was as easy and inexpensive to put together as they make it sound. We're talking a few bags of balloons, some colorful fabric and candy favors. What could be easier. And I recently discovered that although the magazine is not published anymore, they still have plenty of their articles archived at http://www.marthastewart.com/. Including my favorite Flower Power theme! The online article comes complete with detailed, photos included instructions on how to make balloon flowers - much easier than you might expect! And I would highly recommend taking the time to make the flower cupcakes. Not too difficult, even for a beginner like me and just so cute when they are all finished. So try this for your little girls next bash or if you like, check out the other archived kids party themes on the site. R.I.P. MS Kids. You are missed!


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